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"Unsolved Mysteries" (NBC) 5/94
"Encounters" (FOX) 7/94
"Out & About with Roger Martin" (Independent Cable) 5/95
"To the Ends of the Earth" (ITV - Britain) 11/96
"Strange But True" (ITV - Britain) 5/97
TV Interview in Vancouver, B.C. (BBC - Britain) 6/97
"Kryptozoologie" (Spiegel TV - Germany) 11/97
Interview in Portland, OR (National Geographic Society/Pangolin Pictures)
"Public Eye with Bryant Gumball" (CBS) 6/98
Neptune Motion Pictures - Documentary 6/98
TV Interview (MUCH TV - Canada) 8/99
"Outdoors with Grant McOlmby" (KATU – ABC/Portland) 12/99
"NW Afternoon" [talk show] (KOMO – ABC/Seattle) 1/00
TV Interview with Mike Donahue (KOIN – CBS/Portland) 9/00
Discovery Channel (Olympic National Forest, WA) - November 2002
Travel Channel (Molalla River Headwaters, OR) - April 2003
KOIN-TV News - interview following speech @ IBS Conference 5/03/03
KATU-TV - interview with Ed Teachout for 4-part special 4/21/04
Farm Dog Productions (Boston) 8/29/04
Documentary (in production) with Blake "Buck" Eckard (2000 - 2012)
Animated film (in production) with Titmouse Productions (2012)
"Cryptotrip", directed by Christopher Maloney (2012)

New York, NY (W.H.A.M. RADIO) 10/20/94
Aggaziz, British Columbia, Canada (local AM station) May 1996
“Exploring Unexplained Phenomena” (with Scott Colborn) 1998
"The Sasquatch Information Society" (with Robert Murdock) October 22, 2000
"Edge of Reality" (syndicated radio) 2002
"Bigfoot Central" with Artists First (internet broadcast) 6/22/04
“The Royal Forum” (Internet broadcast/ 8/24/04
“The Kevin Smith Show” (Internet broadcast/ 1/19/06
“Bigfoot Live” (Internet broadcast w/ Tom Biscardi) 2/7/07
“The Sasquatch Experience” (Internet broadcast with Sean Forker) 7/1/2007
“The Sasquatch Triangle Show” (Internet broadcast with Don Keating) 4/24/08
“The Sasquatch Experience” (Internet broadcast with Sean Forker) 1/3/2009)
“The Kevin Smith Show” (Internet broadcast/ 8/31/09
“NEAR Paranormal: Skeptics and Believers” w/ Bruce Barraclough Jr. 10/11/2011
"MN.B.R.T. On-Line Radio" w/ Abe Del Rio 5/28/2012
“Coast to Coast AM” w/ George Noory  2/1/2013
California's Sasquatch\Bigfoot - Tom Morris (1994)
Bigfoot Phenomenon Anecdotal Reports - North American Science Institute (1997)
North America's Greatest Ape: The Sasquatch - Dr. John Bindernagel (1997)
The Great Sasquatch Conspiracy - J. Hector Beelart (1998)
The Locals - Thom Powell (2003)
Meet The Sasquatch - Chris Murphy, John Green & Thomas Steenberg (2004)
Bigfoot...The True Story of Apes in America - Loren Coleman (2004)

Hood River News (4/94)
The Seattle Times (6/97)
The Columbian (6/97)
The Oregonian (9/98)
The Portland Mercury (9/00)
The Royal Forum (8/04)
The Track Record (numerous issues)
The Bigfoot Times (numerous issues)
MEDIA INQUIRIES: Todd Neiss is available for interviews by appointment only. As a devoted researcher, Mr. Neiss will not entertain any venues which do not take the subject seriously (no "mocu-u-mentaries"). Any expenses incurred by Mr. Neiss during the filming of an interview (i.e. travel, accomodations, etc.) are expected to be reimbursed to him. Honorariums are optional and dependent upon the extent of his participation. All inquiries can be made directly to Mr. Neiss by clicking on the link below. Mr. Neiss will return your inquiry personally as soon as possible.
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