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"I have known Todd Neiss for some ten years. We first met because of a mutual interest in the Bigfoot phenomenon and within this decade we have carried out several field trips together in connection with the mystery...I know Todd to be a young man of fine moral character, a person whose integrity would never need to be questioned...he is far ahead of many in the field. This has its basis in three things and these are, essentially, dedication, tenacity and an intelligent approach. I have no hesitation in recommending Todd and the services he can render in research on what is now one of the last great mysteries of our shrinking planet, to anyone requiring his services, or wishing to be associated with him or sponsoring a project designed by and to be directed by him."  - Peter Byrne, Explorer, Conservationist, Researcher, Author, Fellow: Royal Geographical Society.
"Having dealt with Mr. Neiss on numerous issues related to the Bigfoot problem, and having recently actually worked with him in the field in Oregon, I can state without any reservation that he is a thoughtful individual, one who is more concerned with helping to solve a scientific problem than with personal aggrandizement, one who is certainly qualified to work on this kind of problem, and one whose integrity is beyond question." - The late Dr. J. Richard Greenwell, International Explorer, Secretary-International Society Of Cryptozoology, Research Associate in Mammalogy-International Wildlife Museum, Tucson, AZ.
"I first met Todd Neiss when he spoke at a conference in Harrison Hot Springs, BC in 1996. At that time he gave a very professional account of his 1993 sasquatch observations near Seaside, Oregon. (I briefly cited his observations on page 42 of my recent book.) Since then, we have met at other conferences and I have become impressed with his sincerity and willingness to persevere with serious investigations on his own time and using his own funds. He has investigated a number of Sasquatch reports and presented his results in timely and helpful reports which he has shared with his colleagues. His presentations at conferences and in the media are a credit to him and to our attempts to attract serious attention to this subject. I consider Todd's presence in this difficult area to be a great asset. His efforts have been important in our attempts to bring this controversial subject into mainstream biology. I hope that he will continue his work. I am more than willing to be included in any work that Todd undertakes in an advisory basis as required." - Dr. John Bindernagel, Ph. D., Wildlife Biologist, Author.
"[Todd] is trying to create a wider awareness in the minds of the public about this mysterious primate we have come to call Bigfoot, and he certainly gets my stamp of approval...Todd is, in my view, an upstanding citizen of the community, and happens to live in the ideal place to follow the mystery." - Daniel Perez, Director - Center for Bigfoot Studies.
"Todd Neiss of Mt. Hood, Oregon and I have been Sasquatch research colleagues for several years, I consider him to be a serious and able researcher and worthy of your support. It would be my privilege to work along side him in field research any day. He is dependable, a gifted woodsman and tracker of unquestionable integrity. His peers regard his fieldwork as outstanding." - Bobbie Short, RN, researcher, creator - "Bigfoot Encounters" web site. 
"I met Mr. Todd Neiss at a conference in Harrison Hot Springs, BC in 1996. I was impressed by the recounting of his experience and his professional attitude regarding the subject...he has maintained an active involvement his region. He continues to impress me as a thorough and capable investigator. His ambition to mount a full-time field project is commendable and sorely needed." - Dr. Jeff Meldrum, PhD - Associate Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology and Adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of Anthropology at Idaho State University.

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