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The concept for BEACHFOOT came to me one day as I reflected back on the brief moments we researchers had to chat as we crossed paths at various conferences and symposiums.  I lamented the fact that such brief encounters rarely permitted us the privilege of genuinely getting to know one another on a more personal level.  For my part, I found myself in the awkward position of being friends with numerous individuals who, for whatever reason, were at odds with one another.  These misunderstandings, personality conflicts and outright animosity between many researchers appeared to me to be the unintended consequence of simply not truly knowing one another.
Then I thought to myself…”What would happen if I could provide a venue wherein prominent researchers could come together in a casual setting to simply get to know one another on a more personal level?"
Thus BEACHFOOT was invitation only, casual gathering of researchers, relaxing together, without the burden of having to entertain an audience. Overtime, we have requested volunteers to share their latest work with their fellow colleagues. BEACHFOOT is a one of a kind event which allows researchers from around the world to socialize, network, and share their collective experiences.
The name "BEACHFOOT" is derived from my decision to hold our gathering on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Beachfoot 2008 - Bigfoot Researchers Conference (Jul 25-27, 2008) Otis, Oregon

Beachfoot 2009 - Bigfoot Researchers Conference (Aug 21-23, 2009) Otis, Oregon

Beachfoot 2010 - Bigfoot Researchers Conference (Aug 6-8, 2010) George Vogel park, Oregon

Beachfoot 2011 - Bigfoot Researchers Conference (Sep 9-11, 2011) Beverly Beach, Oregon

Beachfoot 2012 - Bigfoot Researchers Conference (Aug 9-12, 2012) Waldport, Oregon

Beachfoot 2013 - Bigfoot Researchers Conference (Aug 15-18, 2013) Waldport, Oregon

Beachfoot 2014 - Bigfoot Researchers Conference (July 24-27, 2014) Alsea, Oregon (pending)

Last year marked the 6th Anniversary of an idea that has grown into a truly unique event.  The turnout was great, with more than 80 guests from 5 countries and 13 states!
BEACHFOOT 2014 promises to be even better! I encourage you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to spend four days in the company of legendary Bigfoot researchers in the beautiful temperate rainforest of the Oregon Coast Range.  The date has been set for July 24th - 27th at River Edge Campground (near the town of Alsea, Oregon).
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